Monthly Archives: July 2010

Startin’ Up, Startin’ Over

In two weeks, I will be living in Brooklyn, New York!  I am moving up there to be with the love of my life…I was gonna call her some cute nickname, but so far I haven’t created one for her.

Once I am in NYC, I am starting my own thing, craft-wise.  I have made a lot of moves in my 33 years on this planet (plus one or two on other planets), but I think this is the biggest, most important move of my life (other than moving off the rim of that active volcano).  With this being such an important, life-changing move, I want to completely go head-first into my art: creating, experimenting, showing, selling.

I have some amazing (to me, at least) projects already lined up and just waiting until I unpack in my adorable green Brownstone, which I shall henceforth call the Greenstone.

So, in preparation for my Art future, I have created this blog, an Etsy store, and a Twitter account for my new company: Cur Made.  (Old Yeller was a cur, did you know that?)  So please, bookmark this site and I will keep you up-to-date when the other places have more to them.  Already you can go over to the Etsy store and take a look at my favorites.


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