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Do it be a cold?

I have an amazing story to tell, but I am sick.

Maybe tomorrow I will have more energy and feel up to gushing.  Plus I have to take some pictures.  Wish me a speedy recovery…especially since starting Friday I have to work 6 straight days.


I Have a (Glue) Gun License!

…and I’m not afraid to use it.

Ladies and gentlemen, this next picture is not for the faint of heart.  Our topic today is the mighty glue gun!

Aaaaahhh, yeah.  Just a week ago, I was telling my friend Carr!e there was no need for a glue gun.  At my theatre we just use a glue stick and a lighter most of the time.  I truly believed my glue gun days were over.  But that was before I met the Bostik TG-4 Thermogrip Glue Gun.  Man, just saying the name makes me tingle.  This hand-held, trigger-operated tool of splendidness was a gift from The Girlfriend and her mother.  It had once belonged to her father, a man who clearly knew his tools.

Let me just quote the description: “powered by 3 solid state PTC heating elements, it provides 100 watts of power,” “provides 3-5 lbs. per hour of adhesive output for more heavy duty industrial applications.”

I don’t even know what a solid state PTC heating element IS! but I’ve got 3 of them babies!  And to know that if I felt like loading the gun and squeezing for an hour, I would have a 3-5 lb. pile of hot glue on the floor…well…it boggles the mind.

I, of course, won’t be using the Bostik TG-4 Thermogrip Glue Gun (shiver!) for “heavy duty industrial applications,” but I will be using it in my crafting applications.  I already have one project lined up for it.  Sure, maybe the TG-4 is a bit of overkill for gluing a small piece of felt to the back of a crocheted flower, but it will bring me much more joy than my dollar store glue gun ever did and is probably a lot safer than using a lighter around all that yarn.

via Gluguru

Another gorgeous day.

I’m looking out my window in Prospect Heights at a whole mess of Morning Glory (Ipomoea violacea), and thinking how blessed I am.  Amazing girlfriend, amazing job, and of course, amazing cat (Waylon Fluffings).

I think it’s going to be a splendid day.

Surprise Ahead!

Don’t surprise a head.  Heads don’t like that.

Anyway, BIG surprise coming to readers of this blog!  I’m making something this weekend because the GF’s birthday is Sunday.  Of course, that means I can’t put it up here until after I have given it to her Sunday evening or Monday (she’s out of town), but I just wanted to keep you all in antci……………………


I’ll give you this hint: it involves paint and glue and love  🙂

Etsy store is open!

Not only did I list 9 pendants for sale at my Etsy store, but I got to use the word “mottled.”  I don’t think I’ve ever typed it before in my life.  Here’s my Red on Mottled Brown crocheted pendant.  (Notice the nicer outside photo shoot.)

Feel free to pass the link around to all your friends/boyfriends/husbands  🙂

Edit: great scott! If you want to see what every fiber in a piece of cotton thread looks like, click the image and then view full-size.  WOW!

River Rocks, Meet Crochet Thread

Earlier this year I began making pendants using river rocks.  I of course combined them with crochet.  Crochet thread, to be exact.  Using a teeny, tiny size B hook. (All pictures are larger than actual size.)

I was highly inspired by Resurrection Fern‘s covered stones, an example of which can be seen here.
They usually take me around 25-30 minutes each, but it is time well spent.  I love the randomness of the patterns, the spider webb-like design that unfolds as I work.

More than anything, though, I love the fact that there IS no pre-written pattern to follow.  The flow of the rock determines how each pendant is made.  In some ways, the rock decides more than I do what the final design will be, whether it is something intricate:

or something simple:

These are just of a few of my favorite ones.  You can see all 10 of them at my Flickr page.

2 Months in the Big City!

It’s been 2 months since I moved to NYC.  Brooklyn, to be specific.  Within a month, I was able to find a job… a sweet job that was right up my alley.  I am a puppeteer at a marionette theatre.  Crazy, huh?  But this job is perfect for me.

Then there’s the cat.  The Girlfriend and I wanted to adopt an adult cat from the pound.  We hoped it would be an overweight cat, to boot.  We got everything we wanted.  May I present: Waylon Fluffings.

Getting his nails done.

As you can see, Waylon Fluffings is one laid back cat.

In my craft world, I have started crocheting lots of the flowers that I had done in NC.  I’ve actually got the pattern memorized, I’ve done it so many times.  What makes me happiest is that I have been able to modify the pattern to make different versions.  This is something I would never have been able to do with knitting.  Knitting and My Mind just didn’t seem to want to be friends.  Here’s my newest variation.  I think I am going to start putting them on headbands, as was imagined by my step-sister.

I am more at peace than I have ever been in my life.  Surrounded by love, coffee, books, and yarn.

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