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OMG it’s Chaucer!

I added a new shirt to my Zazzle store today.  You can get the shirt here.

This was a design I created four years ago thanks to a conversation at work with Chris B.  Here it is.

This was one of those times when I created as much as possible.  The clouds were done by me, not a brush.  The same with the little “blings” of light coming off Chaucer.  That’s the sound they make when you see them: bliiiing!


Story Time: What I Saw When I Lived in New Mexico

During the summers of 2001, 2002, and 2003, I lived in Farmington, New Mexico, working at an outdoor drama.  I saw some amazing things when I lived in the southwest and this is one of those stories.  Luckily, I was able to get most of it on camera.

It all started when I came across a giant lizard.  I mean HUGE!  But, since it was the southwest, I had my rifle with me.  I dropped to one knee to get better aim (something I learned from playing Fallout), but then something amazing happened.

The lizard pulled out its cell phone.



and called its friend who was an alien! …who rode on a giant ladybug.

I kid you not.


This alien had magical powers, and called forth a bicycle from the sky!

This sooo happened.


My friend Merritt was there too and tried to help, but the lizard JUMPED ITS BIKE OVER HER!  That’s how amazing this lizard was!

I was not trying to shoot Merritt.


Why did the alien help the giant lizard?  What did they have between them, you ask.



Of course, not even friendship can save you when a giant bird swoops down and carries you off.  Where’s your bike NOW, Mr. Lizard?!

the end


Now you see why living in NM was such an adventure.

I have been in New Vegas

I apologize to my readers for my disappearance.  I have been in New Vegas and the surrounding wastelands.  If you know anything about US geography, you’ll know there IS no place called New Vegas.  However, if you know anything about video games, you’ll know Bethesda’s Fallout: New Vegas came out last week.  That is where I have been.

In case you need something better right now, check out the phone booth library.

via Dude Craft.


I am struggling to get good pictures for my handmade items, both for my Etsy shop and this blog.  We don’t have great natural lighting in our apartment during hours I am home and that makes a big difference.  I have been searching the interwebs, trying to find the best way to create a “home studio” using very little space, very little supplies, and very little money.  Any ideas?  Leave comments below, if so.  Anyway, bear with me as I experiment over the next few weeks.

Double Duty Greeting Card

Here’s an idea: incorporate a handmade item with a greeting card!

Judith’s friend is getting married this weekend and Judith asked me to make a hair clip for her.  After making it, I thought, “How should she give this to her?”  I’m all for multipurpose items, so I designed and made this greeting card.

And here it is once the hair clip has been removed to wear:

And, finally, the hair clip itself:

I am very pleased with the way it all turned out.  What are your thoughts?

The Coming Apocalypse

This is something I’m scared of:

Bee afraid. Bee very afraid.

My Amigurumi Life May Have Just Changed!

I’ll admit it: I’m not the world’s greatest crocheter.  Heck, I’m barely above “advanced beginner.”  And when it comes to amigurumi, well, let’s just say I’ve only made 2 little creatures… and one’s leg is a little gimp.

For those who don’t know (and why would you, really), amigurumi is the art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals.  Or anthropomorphic creatures.  Here’s one of mine (with the gimp leg)

(He’s the one on the right.)

Anyway, today I came across, which is a free online amigurumi pattern maker!  I cannot wait to put this to use.  You just use the controls to change the shape of body parts, click “get pattern,” and it gives you the pattern.  How amazing is that?  I’m sure there’s some algorithm involved, but, as with all things algorithm-based, I prefer the word “magic.”

Here is the default page:

and here is an example I made that I envision being a little frog

via Craftzine

How I Asked the World’s Awesomest Woman to Marry Me

When you have an amazing girlfriend, you have to have an amazing way to propose.  There are two versions of my story: what I planned, and what actually happened.

Tell Judith to meet me at a specific Metro station.  Surprise her by taking her to a pie restaurant.  Yes! a PIE restaurant.  It’s called Four & Twenty Blackbirds, and it is amazing.  Bring her whatever slice of pie she ordered on a bright red plate.  When she finishes the pie, the middle of the plate says, “Will you marry me?”  I had already scoped out the place, eaten there to look at the size/type of their plates, and I was going to go there before I met her at the Metro station.  I was going to give them the plate and they would serve her pie on it.  It was all so amazing.


They are closed on Mondays.  I found that out about 2 hours before I was supposed to meet her.

I told her to meet me at the library because she loves it and there are many places to eat around there.  On the way to the library I hatched Plan 2.0.  I found this little coffee shop that sold cupcakes that were just the perfect size to cover the center of the plate.  I would have her grab a seat for us, put the cupcake on the plate, and serve it.  Brilliant!

At the library, I ask, “You wanna grab coffee?”  Judith says, “No, I’m hungry.  Let’s get dinner.”  She picks Zaytoons, a Middle Eastern place.

Plan 3!  She orders baba ghanouj as an appetizer and when it comes, I see that the plate is the perfect size!  Right before she grabs some pita, I say, “Why is your hand all dirty?”  She’s a teacher and has ink on her hands.  “Well aren’t you going to wash your hands first?”

While she is in the bathroom, I grab the Proposal Plate from my backpack and place it under the baba ghanouj plate.  My bright red plate is about half an inch wider, so it gives the white appetizer plate a nice border.

…which she never notices.

After giving her the birthday presents I made, I say, “And I made you a plate.” (These plates are one of the crafts I’ve made for her in the past, so she knew what I meant.)  Nervously, I stare at the red-rimmed baba ghanouj plate.  After a few moments, she says, “Oh, is that it?”  She picks up the appetizer plate and reads my message.

She said yes.  🙂

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