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Sicky McSickerson

Bleh.  So the giveaway I was going to do through this blog ended up not happening because I got sick.  For like 2 weeks.  I apologize for that… and I apologize to Kishia who was looking forward to picking the winner.  Don’t worry: it will still happen.

For now, here’s an interactive map of Manhattan that was made in 1865.  It shows the original waterways and is STILL used by engineers and developers.  Crazy.


Mom’s birthday… a month late.

If you look “procrastination” up in the online dictionary (I mean, who uses a book nowadays?) and you will find a link to everything about me.  I made my mother’s birthday present on October 8, her birthday is October 22.  Now, you’re thinking, “That’s not procrastination, Jeremy.”  But I finally mailed it November 11.  Yeah.  I suck.  Anyway, here is a picture I took of it before boxing it up, wrapping it, then setting it on a table for a month  🙂


Happy birthday Thanksgiving, Mom!


The dates for the give-away are November 21-26.  It seems I have no idea when Thanksgiving is, and therefore, no idea when Kishia is going to be in town.  I need to get with the program.

Simple Pleasures

..which is different than Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures.

Aaaaanyway.  Just thought I’d put up a picture of what’s going on in my little “studio” right now.  I can’t show you the actual project I was working on, because it is going to be a surprise give-away.  Make sure to come back starting Sunday, Nov. 14.  I will have a post up about the give-away and winning is easy.  You’ll just need to leave a comment by November 19, and on that day, a special guest (Kishia) will pick the winner… though she will only find that out as soon as she reads this post  🙂

PS- I don’t normally get “creative” with my borders, but I was bored.

Power Tools and Yarn. That’s My Life.

Power tools and yarn.  Somehow these things describe me well.  Finally, my powers combined because I needed a yarn winder.  That’s right, the Power Winder!


That is a knitting needle inserted into the chuck of a cordless driver.  I then taped the yarn tail to the end farthest away from the driver and taped again close to the driver.


Then away I drived.  Drove.  Droved. Then I used the driver to wind the yarn, working it front to back with my free hand.


I didn’t have a lot of this yarn to wind, so here is the finished “ball.”


And again:

Kerrs, you should recognize that ottoman.


It worked like a charm!  ………the second time.  Remember how Picture 3 had a little hand saying, ‘Remember this’?  Well, that’s because as I wound the yarn, I went OVER the bottom taped end.  Do NOT wind over the tape! is the lesson I learned from my first attempt.  What happens is, when you try to remove the new skein by sliding it off the needle (which you have removed from the cordless driver), you get a yarn corn dog.

and it WON’T come off the needle.  I had to unwind it by hand, and start again.  This time I made sure to stay away from the taped ends.


Another word of caution: the driver’s chuck left indentions on my knitting needle.  I have not knitted since I started crocheting in 2007, so I didn’t really care.  Hey, might as well put my needles to some use somehow, right?  However, a dowel rod would work just as well.  Or a chopstick, or a pencil… anything round that fits into the chuck, really.  Here’s what happened:

There are 3 of those indentions.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this and maybe it will save you from spending $40 on a yarn winder like it did me.  Feel free to leave comments or questions.

So Sad, So Cute

Seriously, this is the saddest/cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  If you don’t know the subject matter, you should catch up on your “Empire Strikes Back.”

It is titled “Somewhere on the Planet Hoth” and you can see more of Vintz’s work right here.

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