Rug is Finished

Yesterday’s post was about the beginnings and a how-to (kinda) of my rag rug using old tee shirts.  Today: the final product!

Using a total of 4 tee shirts, measuring in at 22 inches in diameter, here it is.

The final shirt didn’t quite make it back around on the last row (top left section), but I’ll have to live with it.


3 responses to “Rug is Finished

  • Judith

    It’s missing something.

    Cat hair. 😉

  • Sarah

    I gave up on mine. I hated cutting all of those shirts. I mean, it looked good once I got all of the circles in place… but it was a PAIN. Maybe I’d like it more next time if I did white shirts and dyed them… thoughts?

    • curmade

      Cutting is the biggest pain in this process, I agree. I made it a little easier by cutting them on a table, so I could lay them out. I also only worked with one shirt at a time, meaning I’d cut it, crochet until it ran out and then cut/crochet the next shirt. This didn’t cut down on cutting, of course, but at least it did spread the cutting out.

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