Monthly Archives: October 2011

Where’s the $$ ?

Let’s face it, I didn’t open an Etsy store to get rich.  I mainly opened it because I make things, sometimes too many things, and needed a way to get some of them out of the house.  But here’s the thing: I recently shipped an item from the store and when I added up what I spent on packing materials and the actual shipping, then subtracted that from the total I charged (price + shipping), I actually LOST $2.  That didn’t even take the original price of materials to make the item into consideration.

I want to price my items at a level that makes them affordable, but I guess I need to recalculate what that price is so I at least break even.  Sure, I’d like to make money from them, but let’s focus on small steps first, shall we?

In other news, I got business cards in the mail today  🙂  Pictures to come.

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