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They are always right

They say, “Write what you know,” and they are always right.  At least as far as this is concerned.  I started outlining the plot of a book I want to write and was amazed by how much comes directly from my own experiences, even if they are then used as a springboard to something else.  When I described a bar, I thought of the Flatiron in Greensboro.  When I chose a place for a breakup, I said, “Alaska.” When choosing the name for the lead male, I chose the name of someone I had toured twice with.  And when I created the female love interest, even though I didn’t choose anyone I’ve ever dated/had feelings for,  she is based off a woman I have deep admiration and respect for.  The funny part?  None of it was intentional.

No, I’m not writing anything biographical, but parts of my biography creep in, don’t they?  I don’t think “Write what you know,” is so much of an instruction, a limiting command.  I think it’s more of a comforting assurance.  “Don’t worry, you will write what you know.”



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