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My Amigurumi Life May Have Just Changed!

I’ll admit it: I’m not the world’s greatest crocheter.  Heck, I’m barely above “advanced beginner.”  And when it comes to amigurumi, well, let’s just say I’ve only made 2 little creatures… and one’s leg is a little gimp.

For those who don’t know (and why would you, really), amigurumi is the art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals.  Or anthropomorphic creatures.  Here’s one of mine (with the gimp leg)

(He’s the one on the right.)

Anyway, today I came across http://www.knittink.com/amigurumi/, which is a free online amigurumi pattern maker!  I cannot wait to put this to use.  You just use the controls to change the shape of body parts, click “get pattern,” and it gives you the pattern.  How amazing is that?  I’m sure there’s some algorithm involved, but, as with all things algorithm-based, I prefer the word “magic.”

Here is the default page:

and here is an example I made that I envision being a little frog

via Craftzine


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