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I Have a (Glue) Gun License!

…and I’m not afraid to use it.

Ladies and gentlemen, this next picture is not for the faint of heart.  Our topic today is the mighty glue gun!

Aaaaahhh, yeah.  Just a week ago, I was telling my friend Carr!e there was no need for a glue gun.  At my theatre we just use a glue stick and a lighter most of the time.  I truly believed my glue gun days were over.  But that was before I met the Bostik TG-4 Thermogrip Glue Gun.  Man, just saying the name makes me tingle.  This hand-held, trigger-operated tool of splendidness was a gift from The Girlfriend and her mother.  It had once belonged to her father, a man who clearly knew his tools.

Let me just quote the description: “powered by 3 solid state PTC heating elements, it provides 100 watts of power,” “provides 3-5 lbs. per hour of adhesive output for more heavy duty industrial applications.”

I don’t even know what a solid state PTC heating element IS! but I’ve got 3 of them babies!  And to know that if I felt like loading the gun and squeezing for an hour, I would have a 3-5 lb. pile of hot glue on the floor…well…it boggles the mind.

I, of course, won’t be using the Bostik TG-4 Thermogrip Glue Gun (shiver!) for “heavy duty industrial applications,” but I will be using it in my crafting applications.  I already have one project lined up for it.  Sure, maybe the TG-4 is a bit of overkill for gluing a small piece of felt to the back of a crocheted flower, but it will bring me much more joy than my dollar store glue gun ever did and is probably a lot safer than using a lighter around all that yarn.

via Gluguru

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