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Now that I’m comfortable working in the round (as this trivet shows), I thought I’d set my sights on something more difficult: shapes! Last night, in preparation for the eyeball The Lady wants me to crochet her (no, seriously), I made my first sphere. Not only did it come out well, but the pattern I was using was written oddly about 7 rows in and I had to figure out some stuff on my own..which is something I’ve talked about before. I “get” crochet enough to be able to problem solve and that’s why I have never picked the knitting needles back up since 2007.



As anyone who does amigurumi knows, being able to do this well has opened up a whole new world to me! Almost every amigurumi head is basically this creation, attached in different ways. Of course, when The Lady only wants an eyeball, not a whole body, things are much easier.



I also wanted to show a shot of my “studio” because I built it after one of my readers, Denise, gave me the idea. To paraphrase the movie As Good As it Gets, she makes me want to be a better crafter  🙂


PS: suck it, Spell Check, “crafter” IS a word!


Simple Pleasures

..which is different than Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures.

Aaaaanyway.  Just thought I’d put up a picture of what’s going on in my little “studio” right now.  I can’t show you the actual project I was working on, because it is going to be a surprise give-away.  Make sure to come back starting Sunday, Nov. 14.  I will have a post up about the give-away and winning is easy.  You’ll just need to leave a comment by November 19, and on that day, a special guest (Kishia) will pick the winner… though she will only find that out as soon as she reads this post  🙂

PS- I don’t normally get “creative” with my borders, but I was bored.


I am struggling to get good pictures for my handmade items, both for my Etsy shop and this blog.  We don’t have great natural lighting in our apartment during hours I am home and that makes a big difference.  I have been searching the interwebs, trying to find the best way to create a “home studio” using very little space, very little supplies, and very little money.  Any ideas?  Leave comments below, if so.  Anyway, bear with me as I experiment over the next few weeks.

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